Friday, February 20, 2009

Helmet Update 3.0

Two weeks ago, the prayer was that Owen would have a growth spurt and that it would be clear whether or not we would need a second helmet. We were told that he still had some 'filling in' to do behind his left ear and that his ears were still asymmetrical. The appointment today included new measurements and some pictures to compare to the original shots of Owen pre-helmet. Here's the update:

Original variance (measuring from front right to back left and front left to back right): 20mm
Variance 2 weeks ago: 11-12mm
Variance today: 9mm!

Original measurement from his ear to his nose and his eye to his nose: 3-4mm
Measurement today: 2mm!

Everything is moving in the right direction! We are so excited that he's in the single digits for his head shape and 2mm is considered normal for the nose measurements. We still have two more weeks left in this current helmet, but after that, I think we're in the clear to not need a second one! It might improve his measurements by a few more millimeters (like 1-2mm at best), which to us, isn't really worth 8-10 more weeks and $3600 more dollars. His head looks amazing and we're starting physical therapy on Thursday, which will work out the small amount of facial asymmetry that remains in time.

Looking at the comparison photos was so reassuring to us that we made the right decision. It was such a challenge to accept that we needed the helmet to begin with (and dealing with the 'my kid is broken' mentality that came with it!) but now that the helmet has done its job, we are so thankful that we caught the problem early and we were financially able to take care of our little boy. To look at him, you'd never even know there was a problem.

So two more weeks to go... and then I hope you're all able to tell them apart when you don't have the helmet to help anymore!


Janet said...

Great news, Beth! Thanks for the detailed update, and the prospect of trying to tell them apart in pictures again... :)

suzannah said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Beth!! Its Jordan! I hear you are living in the DFW area now and how fun is that! I live here to and would love to get in touch with you... my phone is 412-999-2881. Give me a quick call! I remember what its like when you are so new to a place and know no one! I cant find your email but hope to hear from you soon!

Janice said...

Yay!!! That's awesome! While that Steeler helmet is really cool, I'm sure you're ready to kick it to the curb...especially since it looks like you won't have to replace it! I'm so glad:-)

The mall was fun! Can't wait to see you guys again next Thursday!

Toni said...

That's really great! I am so glad that Owen will not have to get another helmet (although his Steelers one is really cute). Hope everything else is going well!

Kathleen Emmons said...

Well, I'm sad to see the Steeler helmet go by the wayside, but ...