Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Depressing Eating Strike Update

I was able to get a doctors appointment for Owen last night. I was hoping (in a sick, twisted way) that he'd look in his ears, claim a major double ear infection, prescribe some meds and send us on our way. At least that would provide some answers to the difficult time he's had nursing the past few days and a solution would be on the way. But no, ears look great, lungs sound great... nothing stood out as to the cause of the problem.

He ate a total of three times yesterday when he usually eats six. I'm starting to get worried about the milk situation - especially if this continues much longer. I tricked him into eating last night and this morning. My friend told me that since babies suck as a reflex, including in their sleep, that I should try to get him to eat without waking him up. It worked! He went for 8-10 minutes before he realized what was happening, so at least I got some nutrition in him. Since he ate mildly well the last two times, I tried feeding him awake this morning with no luck. Screaming, crying, hysterics. I don't get it! I gave him Tylenol hoping that he just doesn't feel well and that he'd snap out of it. Verdict is still out on that one.

Then Eli, the strong and steady one the past few days, pulled a fast one on me. He had been eating for about 10 minutes when I thought that I should probably burp him. One burp. Perfect. Then the hiccups started. Crap. Six hiccups in a row each accompanied by puking. Imagine being puked on with every breath your baby takes - it's not pleasant. He was a mess. The burp cloth was soaking through to my shirt. He decided that he'd held his head up long enough during the puking that he collapsed onto my shoulder, coating his face and forehead in puke. I needed a hose, and fast. Questions started rolling through my head: Is this reflux? Is he getting a cold? Am I going to have to stop nursing and pump/bottle feed to make sure I know how much they're getting? Do I have a target on my shirt? Why did I bother getting dressed this morning?

This should be a reality show. The title would be "How Could This Be Worse?"