Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thimble Islands

Charlie and I had the best day on Sunday! It started off with a drive towards New Haven where we saw (as in drove through) Yale's campus and then headed towards Lighthouse Point. The beach had a pretty standard looking lighthouse on it and lots of room for beach volleyball and scantily clad women who shouldn't be scantily clad! We had lunch at the snack bar there and followed it up with ice cream that's suited for an ice cream truck.

Next we drove to the port where we boarded a ferry to tour around Thimble Islands, a network of summer homes ranging from a house on stilts to a mansion with a multi-use sports court, swimming pool, hot tub and its own botanical gardens. The guide was great and pointed out tons about each specific island that only the insiders know - like how they each got their names (ex Mother in Law Island), which presidents had stayed in the houses built there, and when the islands were finally equipped with running fresh water and electricity (which wasn't actually very long ago).

After driving back to Danbury, we made it just in time for our "Sunday at 6" church service that we LOVE - we're actually friends with the pastor and his wife - and feel like it's a perfect fit for what we're looking for in a church. Praise God for working out that detail!

We finally feel like we are taking advantage of being in New England and hope to fit in a couple more side trips before the boys arrive.

Don't mind the belly - there's nothing I can do about it at this point!

This is the smallest house built on an island - one room. There was actually a guy inside it.

This was one of the biggest. The actual biggest house had 27 guest rooms, a golf course, a gazebo and so much more - but I think this one was prettier.


Becky said...

What would one DO with 27 guest rooms? That's a hotel, not a house! I can't think of 27 people I'd actually want in my house at the same time.

You're really looking great, Beth!