Sunday, July 20, 2008

Days Without Charlie: 5-7

A quick update on the last several days...


  • Ashley and I found a great place right by my house for cheap pedicures, a much appreciated luxury since I can't reach my own toes anymore!
  • We left for Pittsburgh, which took about 8.5 hours - including half an hour for dinner, 3 bathroom stops and a stop for gas - we probably could have made it in 7.5 hours if I wasn't being kicked in the bladder all the time!


  • Hung out with my parents on their back porch, a relaxing start to the day
  • Made oatmeal raisin cookies
  • Went to a CLO musical with my mom, Smokey Joe's Cafe, which wasn't at all what we had expected (and not in a good way!). It wasn't a plot-type musical, it was just song after song that were all unrelated - entertaining, but not enough to see it again
  • Made shish-ka-bobs on the grill for dinner
  • Visited with my aunt (uncle and cousin) who can't make it to the shower next weekend
  • Slept over my brother and sister-in-laws house and spent some time with them


  • Went to Bellefield for the first time in 5 weeks - it was great to be back at our home church, but as always, a tough hour and a half to sit through in the summer heat!
  • Had my first baby shower! Charlie's side of the family hosted this one and all of my friends from Bellefield were invited along with many other dear friends of the family. It was a great time and we got some super cute outfits... but more on that when I post about the shower
  • Watched my brother play softball - a double header - where his team lost the first game 21-0 and the second 15-0. Yikes!

Right now I'm exhausted. If I keep up this pace, this week will fly by - which I'm torn about. I want to enjoy the time here, but I can't wait to see Charlie again(!!) and I really can't wait to start setting up the boys' room back in CT!


Becky said...

Can't wait to see you next weekend!