Friday, April 11, 2008

Overly Sentimental or Well-Placed Sadness?

Our brand new carpet was installed yesterday and we bought a great looking new screen door too. Other than a few minor projects and one big project (having the floors refinished at the end of the month), the house is just about sell-ready. It should be on the market hopefully by the time we leave for Deep Creek, MD with our friends next Friday.

So why is it that our house looking so good makes me feel so sad? I ask that like it's rhetorical, but I know the answer - it's because WE won't be the ones enjoying it. We realized how much we both wished that we had done some of these projects long ago, but we couldn't have known the future and weren't willing to spend the money years ago. So now, we're prepping the house for the next inhabitants hoping that they will appreciate it as much as we have.

To get a little more sentimental about the whole thing - working on the house has made me realize that there aren't many things in life worth procrastinating over. Sooner or later, the time passes you by and you miss out on a great experience. If this moving process has taught me nothing else, it's to seize the moments that we have in life before it's too late.


Becky said...

Sounds like your post is the thing I need to convince Tim to fix our leeky bathroom faucets! Thanks!